St Mary's Church

Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey


Parochial Church Council

  •     Reverend Godfrey Hilliard (Chair)
  •     Ian Read (Churchwarden)
  •     Sue Prentice (Churchwarden)
  •     Michael Meurisse
  •     Peter Mathers
  •     William Maloney
  •     Nicky Hepburn
  •     Claire Smith (Treasurer)
  •     Emma Tomalin
  •     Victoria Young
  •     Victoria Parnell
  •     Sarah Clements
  •     Ben Rymer
  •     Hugh Bryant
  •     Richard Marshall
  •     Ray Blues
  •     Peter Martin

Finance and Standing Committee

Chair:  Godfrey Hilliard (Chair)

Claire Smith
Ian Read
Sue Prentice
Peter Mathers

Visiting the Church

For Church opening times during the current Covid restrictions please go to the Visiting St Mary's page for more details.